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Things That Smell Good But Taste BadThings That Smell Good But Taste Bad

Things That Smell Good But Taste Bad

What do you think is the best thing to eat? 94% of people said that eggs. What other foods are good for you but taste bad? You might be surprised to know that most of the answers we get aren’t actually bad! Let’s take a look below at the top seven examples. Hopefully, this list of foods will give you a new perspective on what you should eat! Read on for the answers.

94% of the answers

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Top 7

Some foods are not edible, while others have a strong smell. Asian fruits, for instance, are often a love-it-or-hate affair. For some, the smell may be worth the astringent taste, while for others the flavor is just plain unpleasant. In this case, mango may be the better choice, as it’s both healthy and rich. But, what about people who can’t stand mango?

It smells good

Some things smell great but they taste awful, but some of those smells are actually good. For example, dog food. Sulfur dioxide is responsible for the odor. But it doesn’t taste good either, so why would you waste money on it? There are ways to get rid of the unpleasant smell. These are some things that will make your next meal go smoothly. Read on to find out more!


Sometimes eggs smell good but don’t actually taste bad. There are a number of reasons for this problem. Some are not related to bacteria while others may be more complicated. Rubin suggests that you sniff your eggs right after cracking them. The smell of an egg can give you a good idea of whether it’s still fresh. If the smell remains even after cooking, however, that’s a sign that the egg is no longer fresh.

The best way to tell if your eggs still taste good is to crack them open and see if they are runny or gray. If they’re normal, they should be fine. To prevent bacteria growth, keep eggs in the original carton. Refrigerator inserts can harbor bacteria. Avoid making scrambled eggs ahead of time. The shelf life of these mixes is only two days. However, if you’re cooking ahead of time, you’ll be able to use them sooner.

If your eggs smell bad, you should check the ingredients in their diet. They should be free from bacteria and fungi. Sometimes, chickens eat Omega-3 fatty acid-rich feeds. These feeds can cause a bad odour. If you notice an increase in Omega-3s in the diet, it’s time to switch to another type of food.


Smoking cigarettes not only causes cancer and cardiovascular diseases, but it also mucks up our sense of taste. Researchers from Greece recently enlisted 62 young men who were members of the armed forces. Half of them were smokers. The researchers measured the amount of taste buds on each man’s tongue, as well as the shape and size of each. They found that smokers’ taste buds were smaller and flatter than those of non-smokers.

Researchers have long suspected that the odor of cigarette smoke contributes to the unpleasant taste, but there is no conclusive evidence to back this up. Two studies compared the taste thresholds of smokers and non-smokers by blinding participants to their smoking history. The findings of both studies suggest that cigarettes smell good but taste bad. Smoking does not affect the binding sites of trigeminal neuronal cells.


The most asked question on the parosmia facebook page is “What tastes good, but is sickly?” There are many answers. Bad taste has been linked to garlic, meat, and onions. What smells bad? Fruit, chocolate, coffee and tap water all have bad odours. Almonds, cherries, and vomit are also culprits.