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There Are Times When I Will Need You

Cliff Richard’s “When I Need You” Lyrics and Song Meanings

This article will give you Cliff Richard’s lyrics and song meanings for “When I Need You”. If you’ve ever heard this song, you’ve probably wondered why you can’t understand it. There are many reasons why this is so. Continue reading to learn more. This song might also be your favorite. It was Cliff Richard’s biggest hit, and it’s worth checking out. Below are the most important lyrics.

Cliff Richard’s “When I Need You”

It’s worth looking at the history of Cliff Richard songs to learn how to mix them. Although this song is not as well known as Cliff’s other classic songs, it’s still a great example of Harmonic Mixing. Cliff Richard has penned more than 100 songs, and each of them have a similar tempo and adjacent Music Keys. This formula can be used to create a wonderful mix of harmony, melody, and rhythm.

Lyrics to “When I Need You”

“There are times when I will need you” is a song by Cliff Richard from the 1990 album Love…The Album. It reached number 38 on the UK Singles Chart. It features the lyrics twice, making it one the most-loved tracks on the album. In addition to the single, the album includes five other new recordings by the singer. Over 50 languages have been used to translate the lyrics of “There are times when you will need me”

Meaning of song

The There are times when I will need you song meaning is not necessarily the same for everyone. The song’s lyric can apply to several different scenarios, including the breakup of a romantic relationship, the pain of being let down by a parent, and many other situations. This song can be an incredibly useful tool for finding the right words to say when you miss the person you love. These are some suggestions on how to interpret the meaning of this song.