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Thomas Research Products

Thomas Research Products LP50xx Series RGB LED Drivers

Located in Elgin, Illinois, Thomas Research Products is a lighting manufacturer. Its products include integrated light engine modules for luminaires.

High quality, long life, high efficiency and are cost-competitive

Besides providing LED control solutions to end users, Thomas Research Products also manufactures high performance LED drivers. Their latest offerings include a new 100W power supply for LEDs. Other noteworthy products include surge protectors and LED light engines. The company offers custom design services for its Norlux brand and provides component solutions for OEMs using LEDs. It is also a leading manufacturer of SSL power solutions.

The LED100WP1-24 is a constant voltage LED driver with a 24 V Class 2 output. This new LED driver from Thomas Research Products is designed for a variety of applications. It features a metal F-Can enclosure for optimal performance. It is also UL Type HL rated for hazardous locations. Thomas Research Products has been producing high quality LED control solutions for the commercial lighting market for more than three decades.

Wide range of products

Founded in 1960 and part of the Hubbell Lighting family of companies, Thomas Research Products is a leading manufacturer of LED light engines, high-performance LED drivers, and complete LED power solutions for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in the LED lighting, wireless, and RF industries. Thomas Research Products is also a member of the ZigBee Alliance, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting open global standards for wireless connectivity. Thomas Research is the first to launch a certified product as part of the Alliance, the TCM-ZB-D wireless driver control module. It is also the first product to earn the oh-so-famous ZigBee Home Automation certificate.

The Thomas Research Products LED100WP1-24 constant voltage driver consists of a classy metal F-Can enclosure and a power supply that boasts smooth performance from full load to very low load. The company also offers custom engineering services for LED light engines. The new LED100WP1-24 also boasts a number of other features, including an UL Type HL rating for hazardous locations.

Global distribution agreement with Digi-Key Corporation

Located in Thief River Falls, Minnesota, Digi-Key Electronics has become a global leader in electronic components distribution. As a full service provider, the company provides a broad selection of products from more than 650 quality name-brand manufacturers. The company offers a unique one-stop shopping experience, with over 44 local websites to help clients locate products. It is also a leading provider of automation products, and has the largest selection of Schneider Electric products available.

Thomas Research Products, which is headquartered in Minneapolis, designs and manufactures energy-saving electronic switches, step-down transformers, LED drivers, and relays for commercial HID and fluorescent lighting. The company’s designs are optimized for quality, longevity, and cost-competitiveness. In addition, the company’s products are supported by 24-hour technical support.

With a global distribution agreement with Thomas Research Products, Digi-Key can now deliver the company’s products to customers around the world. The company’s inventory includes more than three million products.

New family of programmable LED drivers

LP50xx Series RGB LED Drivers are designed for electronics applications. They feature a wide range of color mixing and dimming options, along with brightness control. They also reduce system power consumption by using an integrated power-saving mode. The graphical user interface software allows for easy configuration and programming. The drivers are available in 18-, 24-, 30-, and 36-channel options. The drivers are available in TI’s online store. TI’s online store offers technical and product information, including pricing, packages and technical resources.

The LP50xx series of LED drivers features an evaluation module, which is fully assembled and tested. The module features a flyback converter and a PIC(r) MCU. This design ensures near-zero ripple and high efficiency. It is also designed to provide PF>0.9 for the entire input range. It is packaged in a long form factor to match T5 ballasts. It also offers an auxiliary 12-volt output, which makes it a convenient way to reduce parts inventory. The driver is also backed by a five-year warranty.