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Miss Fortune URF Guide

Using Miss Fortune is an excellent way to take down your enemies in teamfights. Her abilities are extremely versatile, and she’s good at either critical strike or attack damage. Her Strut gives her bonus attack speed, which is great for chasing down enemies. She also benefits from Infinity Edge, which gives her a high attack damage bonus. However, there are some things to consider before using Miss Fortune’s abilities.

Miss Fortune URF is the Vietnamese version of Miss Fortune. Some of its characters include Nguyet Dao, Giay Cuong No, Than Kiem Muramana, Sung Hai Tac, Thuong Phuc Han Serylda, and Ao Choang Bong Toi.

Urf is also a fan of Jax. In the game, Urf is pursuing weapon mastery, and she has a pair of great symbols that represent her Manatee heritage: a fish that represents the bounty of the sea, and a spatula, which represents culinary mastery. Her goal is to cross her fish and spatula with a lamppost to become the first Manatee champion of the League.