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Skullgirls Robo Fortune

Skullgirls Robo Fortune

Robo-Fortune is a robot who specializes in zoner and keepaway tactics. He is also capable of using powerful assists, such as headdrones, to gain an advantage in combat. His main projectile is the Theonite Beam, which shoots a beam of energy horizontally across the screen. This projectile is especially effective in detecting the movements of opponents. He can also use headdrones against his opponents’ attacks.

Robo-Fortune is a playable character in the Skullgirls game. She is modeled after Ms. Fortune, but with a more robotic appearance. She has mechanical body parts that have been cross-taped together. These parts can be removed when she fights, but they will not be in the same place for long. Robo-Fortune has eyes that shine like headlights. A keyboard-style portrait makes Robo-Fortune look like she’s seated at a keyboard.

Robo-Fortune made his first appearance in a fan-made video. This was done in conjunction with a Skullgirls fundraiser campaign. In the video, Robo-Fortune fights an army of giant Robo-Fortunes in order to gain the Skull Heart. The video ends with a parody of the God Warriors. This is a character from Hayao Miyazaki’s film Nausicaa, The Valley of the Wind.

Robo’s armor is weak and vulnerable to multi-hits and throws, despite its strength. Its weak normals make it a terrible combo fodder, but it can be useful in certain situations. Keep in mind Robo’s special move Danger can be cancelled, giving the player 3f reversal buffer.

Robo-Fortune’s blast is a powerful attack, and a very effective way to zone opponents. This ability requires an assist or meter to activate and is effective when the opponent can’t easily escape. It is difficult to recover from this ability in corners so it is a good idea to use the H Danger! To protect yourself, you can use a special cancel. Double-jumping can be used to cancel the Robo-Fortune’s recovery following an airthrow.

Robo’s air normals are useful for escaping from pushblocks. She can jump when her opponent is about pushblock her and force her to backdash. She also has a fast normal called j.MP that hits both sides and can be used for a variety cross-ups.