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Take Care – Drake’s Ode to His Ex-Wives

Drake’s tribute to his ex-wives in Take Care is understandable and a touching tribute of a turbulent relationship. But what makes this song so powerful? Drake’s lyrics are remarkable, evoking anger and compassion. The lyrics are so sincere that it almost seems like Drake is trying to convince you to forget and forgive.

Drake’s tribute to his exes in Take Care

Despite the recent spate of sexual assault allegations, Drake continues to avoid confrontation and offers an ode to his exes on “Take Care.” The album, Drake’s third since 2009, is a reflection of Drake’s maturation. It also reflects the interpersonal struggles that come with being in the spotlight. Despite his apparent success, Drake still struggles with the same insecurities that plagued them at age 24. Drake’s new material continues to highlight his complaints about his exes and rivals. Drake’s solipsism feels more helpless than his transgressive rapping.

“Fake Love” is filled with themes of delusion, jealousy, and unrequited love. Drake’s bold and assertive delivery is balanced with emotions and the realization of that this may not change. Drake’s two sides are showcased in the song. On the one hand, he brags about his ex-girlfriends, while simultaneously telling his exes that they are unlikely to find someone as good as him.

“Fame Is Winning” continues the theme of fame weighing heavily on Drizzy. The track also addresses how you can lose your friends and family while following your dreams. Keep your core beliefs true to you in order to avoid this. Even if you leave loved ones behind, think about the love and affection you missed. While you are trying to make the right decision, keep your ex-partners close to you.

The album is filled with soppy lyrics about love, reuniting and being loved. But if you’ve had a breakup, and you’re still not ready to settle down, “Take Care” could be the song for you. Drake has all the money in the world, but that doesn’t mean he’ll let his new lifestyle affect his character.