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Well Traveled Ac Valhalla

Well Traveled Ac Valhalla

Well Traveled Ac Valhalla

Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is an exciting compilation of its franchise’s most memorable aspects, offering up plenty of engaging activities ranging from epic battles against gods to simple story vignettes between two families fighting over crops – it all works beautifully together, even if some scenes seem disjointed at times. It’s all great stuff; even when it feels disorganized.

The Well of Urdr puzzle in particular can be quite challenging. Part of Asgard-based Well-Travelled quest, it involves trying to unseal Urdr’s Well by bringing two beams of light from two sources into two receivers (pedestals with crystals on top), but as there’s only one source available (one light source), working out where best to aim it can be challenging.

Once you reach the Well of Urdr, an underground cavern near Asgard’s entrance, Tyr will meet with you and introduce this challenging puzzle. Eivor may hint that splitting the stream of light might help; in reality it is quite straightforward once you know where to aim your shots.

Step one of this task requires moving around the room to adjust the orb emitting the beam of light, followed by repositioning a second pedestal’s orb as well. Doing this should cause both orbs to reflect light toward each other before reflecting it back at an entrance to Well of Urdr; unlocking it and continuing your quest.

The second step involves repositioning the orb emitting light again; this time towards both pedestal orbs. Once this step is completed, they should both be reflected onto a third orb near Well of Urdr’s exit so as to unlock both Wells at once, thus continuing the Well-Travelled quest.