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Waterpik For Traveling

Choosing a Waterpik for Traveling

A waterpik is an efficient dental tool that utilizes water pressure to remove plaque, bacteria and food debris from parts of your mouth that traditional brushing alone cannot reach. A great addition to your travel bag, waterpik will help maintain good oral hygiene on the road. Before using a waterpik while traveling, there are a few key points to keep in mind. First and foremost is that any form of wetting may create a messy experience within an aircraft’s lavatory. Second, waterpiks tend to be noisy and may interfere with other passengers’ enjoyment of flight – this can become particularly irritating during flights in which turbulence or other inconvenient events require lavatories for use.

Traveling with a waterpik should be easier. First of all, look for portable models that run on rechargeable or replaceable batteries – some also feature built-in AC power options so they can plug directly into an electrical outlet without additional adapters being necessary – plus there are models small enough to fit easily into travel cases or toiletry bags for convenient transport.

To help you choose a waterpik for travel, we’ve curated a selection of some of the top models on the market. Each features different power settings and water tank capacities – each has their own advantages and disadvantages.

One of the primary considerations when purchasing a waterpik for travel is whether to go with a cordless model or traditional countertop version. Travelers typically favor cordless versions because they are more portable and don’t require plugging in or unplugging; however, there are corded travel waterpiks which offer similar performance as their cordless counterparts.

Waterpik Corded Freedom WF-03 offers full-size performance in an easily portable package. It features an invertible power cord for travel and storage purposes, an adjustable water reservoir that serves as a cover, five different pressure settings and is ADA approved with two Classic Jet tips and an Orthodontic tip included as standard accessories.

Another option for choosing a Waterpik suitable for travel around the world is choosing one with universal voltage, such as the Cordless Express WF-02 which features three pressure modes and operates on three AA batteries, making it one of the most portable waterpiks available. Furthermore, its small water reservoir only requires a small sink or shower when using and comes complete with an easy microfiber travel bag that protects against leakage.