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Cootie Catcher Fortunes

How to Write Cootie Catcher Fortunes

Playing cootie catcher can be a lot of fun. It’s a fairly simple game that uses a piece of paper and a cootie to catch a cootie. You can create your own cootie catcher or purchase one. It can be customized to reflect your personality or interests.

The basic game involves choosing a number and then opening and closing the cootie catcher that corresponds to that number. You can also choose another number and read what’s underneath. You can write the numbers in any order. Some people prefer to write 1-2 opposite the numbers three to four, and 5-6 opposite 7-8. You can play the game in any order, however.

The cootie catcher has a gendered history. Historically, young girls have been the keepers of these divinatory games. However, in recent centuries, boys have been encouraged to take the initiative and choose their own path. They no longer need divination. Because boys are able to choose their own paths and determine their destiny, they don’t need divination. Girls, however, have always been drawn to games of chance and luck.

As a fun party game or a fun way to spend a night with friends, Cootie Catchers are a great choice. They are fun and easy to make. You can even print them for hen’s nights or other parties. They can also be used as a therapeutic exercise. You will need to be able to play the game and write the fortunes.

Another way to create a cootie catcher is to use an origami version. It begins by folding a square piece of paper and bringing a corner over to the opposite side. The paper then forms a diamond, square, or triangle shape. Then you can lift the flap to reveal the fortune. This is a great activity that children and adults of all ages can enjoy. A paper cootie catcher can also be used as an educational tool.

You don’t need a cootie catcher. Instead, you can use a piece of plain paper and fold it into an “X” shape. You can then spell a word in the color’s name and count it. Once the numbers add up, you can open the flap to reveal the fortune!

You can also make a cootie catcher from scratch with a template. A template is available at the end of this article, which you can also download. The template is easy to use, and it can be folded in many different ways to suit your personality. The template is available for free for personal use and cannot be sold or distributed. If you want to share it with others, please link back to this post.

Although the history of cootie-catcher fortunes is a bit hazy, it has been played all over. Some believe it was invented in 17th century and then spread to the United States in the 1950s. Now it is a popular game around the world, and different regions have their own names for the fortune teller.