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Russell’s Traveling Kitchen

Russell Lowell’s Traveling Kitchen

Russell Lowell’s kitchen has always been his forte, but the food truck has only recently made a significant impact. The mobile kitchen showcases his commitment to using local produce and meats from area farms. Though it may not be permanent, stopping by for a meal or two is definitely worth visiting!

The food and drink menu offers an exquisite range of local flavors, from the most simple burger to an elaborate seafood spread. The wine list boasts an eclectic selection that’s sure to please even the pickiest palates. Don’t forget about their five-course winemaker dinner either – a must for any serious wine connoisseur!

Let’s take a step back and consider the big picture: The Kitchen has been around for half a century. It has built an illustrious legacy of championing the avant-garde, showcasing some of Houston’s most innovative art works. But perhaps most importantly, its staff are an inspiring group of talented, hard-working, passionate individuals who are proud to have contributed their skillset at such an inspiring cultural institution.