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Alliance For Multispecialty Research

Alliance For Multispecialty Research, Llc

The Alliance for Multispecialty Research (AMR) was founded in 1994 and rebranded in 2017. The organization has sixteen locations in the U.S., including fourteen wholly owned research centers and two affiliate centers. Each research center offers its patients advanced medical care through innovative research. There are several factors to consider when choosing a clinical research organization.

Clinical research company

Across a wide range of therapeutic areas, Alliance for Multispecialty Research conducts clinical trials. With expertise in bioequivalent, pharmacokinetic, and pharmacodynamic research, the company offers comprehensive services to meet the needs of its clients. The company provides full access to its profiles to enable clients to find the right clinical research jobs for their specific needs.

Founded in 1994, Alliance for Multispecialty Research is one of the largest clinical research company networks in the United States. The company offers clinical trial services to pharmaceutical companies across the country. AMR works with its clients to accelerate the development and introduction of new medications, vaccines, and other life-saving therapies.

The company conducts phase I, phase II, phase III, and phase IV clinical trials. With its 16 clinical sites and 125 dedicated principal investigators, AMR offers unparalleled access to patients and the best clinical quality. Its experienced team ensures success by delivering exceptional results and improved efficiencies.

The role of a Clinical Trials Coordinator is crucial to the success of a clinical study. The job involves maintaining data, performing queries and analyses, and generating reports. The role also requires extensive knowledge of the research protocol and its procedures. In addition, it involves liaising with internal and external teams and maintaining project trackers. The Clinical Research Coordinator also monitors the progress of clinical trials and ensures compliance with regulations and SOPs.


The Alliance for Multispecialty Research is an elite clinical research organization consisting of 17 highly-experienced clinical research centers across the continental United States. Its centers have performed more than 7,700 Phase I-IV clinical trials and enrolled more than 145,000 subjects. AMR centers are adept at performing bioequivalent/bioavailability, pharmacokinetic, and pharmacodynamic studies.

The Alliance for Multispecialty Research pays its employees an average of $54 per hour, depending on their experience and job description. Hourly pay rates may also vary by location, department, skills, and educational background. For the most accurate pay information, a prospective employee must know what the job title they’re applying for is.


In the research industry, salaries for Alliance For Multispecialty Research, Llc employees can vary widely. Salaries can vary from $48 an hour to $54 and can be affected by several factors, such as location and experience. It can be helpful to know how much each position pays before applying. Also, reading a company review can give you a sense of whether or not the company’s culture and hiring practices are right for you.

Alliance For Multispecialty Research is a clinical research company that supports pharmaceutical companies in developing new drugs. As an employee at the company, you can help improve the health of patients by conducting clinical research studies. This company has 81 employees and is located in the pharmaceuticals sector. You can expect to be part of a fast-paced, challenging environment.


The Alliance for Multispecialty Research is a clinical research organization that supports pharmaceutical companies in developing new treatments and drugs. The company pays its employees competitive salaries, health benefits, and 401K matching. Additionally, the company provides paid STDs and LTDs. The company’s recruitment specialists work under the direction of a Recruitment Manager or Site Manager. They are required to possess extensive knowledge of the study protocol and its procedures and must review these thoroughly prior to the start date of the study.

Compensation for Alliance For Multispecialty Research, Llc employees varies significantly depending on the region, job description, and experience. Salaries can range anywhere from $48 to $63 per hour. Hourly pay rates also differ, depending on the position and the region. In addition, pay rates may vary depending on the employee’s age, sex, education, and job title.

The compensation for research subjects has been a long-standing practice. Researchers have long offered money to study participants to gain access to new medical knowledge. For example, Dr. William Beaumont once paid St. Martin Alexis to participate in a study. Today, researchers offer financial compensation for patients who have undergone surgery or undergo tests that are important to their health.