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Uberlube Good-to-go Travel Lube

Uberlube Good-To-Go Travel Lube

Uberlube good-to-go travel lube offers all of your favorite features in a discreet 15ml silver metal container that’s easy to store in purses, gym bags or carry-on luggage. Add an elegant touch to all of your intimate experiences with uberlube good-to-go!

Uberlube’s ‘Good to Go’ case comes complete with a bottle of premium lubricant and refillable luxury cartridges designed specifically for filling the Uberlube travel case (sold separately in black or silver). Made from durable glass vials with metered pump tops concealed by an elegant aluminum overshell, this stylish set makes an excellent addition to any sex bag or traveling gear collection.

Uberlube is the ideal personal lubricant for sex, styling, massage and sport that uses only premium silicone and Vitamin E. Free from parabens and other harsh chemicals, its weightless finish enhances sensitivity while feeling natural to touch – without the sticky aftertaste that some thicker silicone lube formulas often possess.

This elegantly designed case is leakproof and lightweight, keeping Uberlube pure at all times. The nonporous glass surface ensures sanitation while being safe to use with all kinds of toys – rubber latex, plastic, glass, and metal alike.

Uberlube is also condom-friendly – simply dispense two drops inside and one measured pump outside for extra pleasure! Plus, when using with condoms, you’ll enjoy the extra traction and penetration provided by the high lubrication and long-lasting properties of Uberlube silicone.

You can even use it to de-frizz hair or skin if you’re trying to reduce or prevent chaffing! Plus, its long-lasting, silky feel may help maximize the benefits of exercise or time outdoors in the sun.

Uberlube massage oil offers a smooth texture and pleasant scent, making it ideal for any spa or salon as well as a multi-purpose lubricant that’s easy to transport anywhere. It has been recommended by top physicians, athletes, hairstylists as an ideal smoothing, finishing, anti-frizz product – plus runners and swimmers use it to eliminate chaffing.

Uberlube is a high-performance silicone lubricant designed for sexual activity, style and sport that’s body and condom friendly. Gynecologists often recommend it as a ‘body lubricant’ and has been clinically approved to ‘enhance sex pleasure’. You can apply it directly onto the skin or slathere it on your nipples to reduce friction and make sex more enjoyable.

Hair de-frizzer, water resistant and won’t leave your locks greasy, this oil is ideal for detangling hair after exercise. Additionally, it prevents chafing while running or biking – making it a’must have’ item for anyone who enjoys physical activity. Additionally, massage oil has many uses; salons use it to improve client’s skin and hair condition.