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Traveler Clip Art

Traveler Clip Art

No document or other product would be as engaging or informative without images. These could range from predesigned clip art included with software programs to pictures from online sources or your own photos – or perhaps you made your own using tools provided by the program in which you’re working.

Microsoft Word’s accompanying programs also enable you to design your own clip art. These programs typically require starting with an image featuring the general shape of what you wish to create, using semi-transparent image to hide its original lines, and drawing your own version over top. Custom clip art creation can add a personal touch and can also help when your predesigned library of clip art fails to provide exactly what is needed.

Traveler clip art is a type of digital illustration commonly used to depict destinations, modes of transportation and related elements. These illustrations can be used for many different applications including document and website creations, event invitation creations, scrapbooking projects and crafts projects. PNG files and EPS formatted files are easily accessible within most image programs and these illustrations should easily fit your travel-themed projects.