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Westside Pizza Fortuna

Westside Pizza Fortuna

The branch of a regional chain is known for its multiple sauce options and creative specialty pizzas. It’s also known for its fresh and delicious dough. This upscale pizzeria is a favorite among locals. Located in West Seattle, it features a revolving door and plenty of seating.

Westside Pizza was established in 1999. Their focus on using fresh ingredients and making their own dough has earned them loyal customers. They use premium meat toppings and offer a commitment to quality customer service. They also deliver their pizzas. Despite the small location, this restaurant has a strong reputation.

The Westside Pizza Fortuna is a great place for a casual dinner. There are plenty of parking options and you can order takeout or delivery. The restaurant is also close to several public transportation stops. They have a wide variety of specialty pizzas and are known for their creative toppings and sauces.