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Ap Research Sample Paper

AP Research Sample Paper

AP Research is a year-long research project

AP Research is a year-long independent study project that challenges students to research a topic. Students must collect data and write a research paper to summarize their findings. They must also deliver an oral presentation that defends their arguments. AP Research projects are a good way to prepare students for college-level academic work.

The AP Research grade is determined by how well students execute their research throughout the year. To achieve success, students must stay focused throughout the course. Procrastination is a major temptation, but spreading out work and avoiding procrastination will ensure that students get the most out of their research.

It focuses on a topic of individual interest

An Ap research sample paper focuses on a subject of individual interest. The topic should be broad, but it should also be specific. For example, you should discuss the way different age groups perceive advertisements. The purpose of AP research is to fill in the gaps in the knowledge that have yet to be explored.

The topic for your AP research paper should be your own idea, resulting from careful introspection, conversations with peers, and preliminary research. It should not be taken from an existing paper or a book.

It requires students to practice core academic skills

AP research is not a content-specific course, but requires students to develop and practice core academic skills. This course builds the knowledge and skills that students will need to succeed in college, career, and culture. Students who choose to take the course will need to learn about five BIG IDEAS, which help them develop enduring understandings about their topics.

AP students must also complete an individual project that is worth about 35 percent of the final AP score. This project requires students to practice their research and argumentative skills. It requires them to write a 2,000-word paper or make a six or eight-minute oral presentation that defends their argument using at least one source. The individual project is a two-month project, with the deadline set by the College Board.