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Arctic Research Base Rust

How to Crush Enemies in Rust

If you’ve been playing Arctic Research Base and have encountered enemies, it is possible to crush them. You can back up your vehicle and crush enemies repeatedly, and collect loot as you go. This way, you can finish the level on your own without any help. However, you should be wary of enemy players. You must crush their enemies several times before you can finish the level. So, how do you crush enemies?


The Arctic Research Base is a new monument in the game, and it’s located in the Arctic biome. This monument is a great place to find loot, such as Crates, Electric heaters, and Snowmobiles. These vehicles will not impress the scientists at the base, though.

Snowmobiles are quick on snow and sand, but slow on other surfaces. As a result, they have a very low fuel efficiency, but they are very effective on snowy terrain. The vehicles can run for up to 25 hours in the elements, so it’s important to have enough fuel to keep them going. Snowmobiles can be found in Arctic Research Bases, and they can be refueled with blue keycards. However, you’ll only be able to get snowmobiles in these bases if you’ve visited the arctic biome.

Scientist suit

The Arctic Scientist Suit is a console-exclusive item, worn by the scientists at the Arctic Research Base. It shares many of the same defensive stats as the Hazmat Suit but is white instead of black. It offers slightly increased cold protection, but lower protection against radiation and melee attacks. Also, it does not protect against extreme cold temperatures.

The Arctic Research Base contains a number of buildings and lab modules, along with the requisite loot and a red keycard spawn. The base is particularly popular with players who enjoy challenging PvE. It’s also the only scientific monument to feature a Recycler.


Looting the Arctic Research Base is a challenging part of the game that requires skill to complete. It is one of the few places in the game where you can kill scientists over time. This makes it essential to get them all out quickly, and it’s not the best place to play too cautious. Here are a few tips to make the task a breeze.

The Arctic Research Base spawns once per map seed. It contains plenty of loot, including crates, electric heaters, snowmobiles, and scientists. This base is very popular with players who like a challenge and want to try their hand at PvE. This is one of the only scientific monuments in the game that has a Recycler.


The Arctic Research Base is a Rust dungeon added during the Arctic Update in February 2022. It spawns only in the arctic biome, and it’s one of the best places to find loot in the game. There are tons of crates to loot, and there are plenty of Scientists around to shoot. Thankfully, some of them can also heal, which makes for a much better loot experience.

The Arctic Research Base is the only monument in the game that allows scientists to heal over time. As a result, players should finish them off quickly. They’re spread out enough that they can easily be picked off. However, players should be careful not to play too conservative and let the scientists heal up.


The Arctic Research Base is the only place in Rust where players can find Snowmobiles. You can unlock these vehicles by solving the blue and red keycard puzzles. There is also a new tool cupboard where you can store your tools. This item is very useful for completing the Arctic Research Base mission.

The Arctic Research Base can be found in the arctic biome. It spawns one time per map seed. It is an interesting location with plenty of Crates, Lowgrade fuel, Food, and Scientists. It’s also protected by self-healing scientists and is very popular for PvE players. It is also the only scientific monument with the Recycler.