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Satisfactory Research Tree

The Satisfactory Research Tree in Coffee Stain

The Satisfactory research tree is divided into different tech tiers that determine the buildings you can construct and the milestones you must meet in order to unlock better parts and machinery. New tiers have been added with Update 4, including Tier 8 focused on nuclear power, which will unlock the rad hoverpack. Coffee Stain has also said that it is considering adding another tech tier, though it is not yet decided what that will be.


The Molecular Analysis Machine (MAM) is the HUB of the game and unlocks blueprints, but you must research certain materials first. Each branch in the MAM tech tree requires certain materials, and the branch requirements can get quite complex. Our Satisfactory MAM guide will walk you through the important details of this tech tree, and will also explain what each branch requires.


In the research tree, there are different tiers, and each one of these tiers gives you additional abilities. When you unlock a ship from a certain tier, you’ll get a bonus. This bonus will be applied to the ship’s stats and will be available when you use that ship in the game. There are different ways of acquiring these bonuses. Some of these bonuses can only be acquired through early access ships. Other methods of unlocking a ship are to get it from another line. In this way, you’ll get to unlock the ships from your desired tiers.

The initial Tier of the Satisfactory is Tier 0 and Tiers I and II are obtainable from the beginning. You can unlock Tier III after building a University in one of your cities. You can also upgrade all non-city buildings through the Research Tree. Special Residencies are also very powerful on their own.

Molecular Analysis Machine

The Molecular Analysis Machine is a valuable research tool that Pioneers can use to investigate the properties of things found on their world. It offers a series of research trees that players can undertake to unlock new tools, recipes, and other benefits. Once mastered, the Molecular Analysis Machine can help Pioneers convert food items into health restoratives, produce new resources, or convert the remains of defeated critters into valuable items.

The most commonly used machine-readable representation is a molecular graph. Molecular graphs map atoms and bonds into sets of nodes. The spatial relationships among these nodes are encoded by network embedding. This method was developed by Kearnes et al.