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Corey Miller Basketball

Corey Miller Basketball

Corey Miller is one of the best high school basketball guards. He has a smooth handle and a powerful finish, and has shown he can be the next great guard. Miller was a player at Ocean with Jack and Pennington with Pat Higgins. He is a talented player who, despite his young age, was a top recruit for Pennington.

Miller began his career at John Wood Community College. As a sophomore, he was awarded All-America honors. He averaged 21.5 points per game and 5.3 rebounds last season. He was also named Co-Player of the Year and Region 24 Co-Player of the Year. He shot 50.7 percent from field, 44.7% from three and 77.5% from the foul line. Miller was a strong defender against Lawrenceville standout Hampton Sanders, despite the fact that his team struggled to score in the first quarter.