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Travel Cat Carrier With Litter Box

Travel Cat Carrier With Litter Box

Travel Cat Carrier With Litter Box

Incorporating a portable litter box into your travel carrier will allow your furry friend to relieve himself during long car trips without having to leave the comfort of the vehicle. Not only will this provide security and familiarity during an otherwise arduous journey, it will also keep the car cleaner. Cats may not enjoy traveling; some may be even afraid of leaving home territory; yet some animals do surprisingly well on trips when exposed early on.

A great travel cat carrier with litter box will provide a cozy, dark environment where your pet can stretch out and relax, and features windows for visibility and ventilation, and door access from either front or side for easy cleaning; additionally, some may include special touches like pop up tents for privacy or roofs for protection against rain.

Before traveling with your cat, familiarize both their carrier and litter box by placing the litter inside, placing their carrier somewhere where your kitty spends time, offering treats in it, gradually increasing the time your kitty spends inside it while offering him treats, gradually increasing his time spent inside until your kitty accepts his new home as his preferred space. It should only take a short while until he starts choosing it over any other places they frequent!

When selecting a travel cat carrier with litter box, it is essential that it complies with airline cabin baggage specifications and includes safety features for your cat. Also bring along leashes, harnesses, food bowls and water bottles along with toys so your feline friend has something fun to play with while traveling. In addition, bring along an extra litter box, plastic bags and scoop.

If you are uncertain which carrier to buy, read reviews and features before making your selection. Alternatively, consult with a veterinarian or local pet store; they can offer expert advice as well as help select an appropriate litter box for your pet.

This soft-sided cat carrier with expandable sides offers plenty of space for an included litter box and plush bolster bed, and features zipper locks and roll-up privacy flaps to provide security and ventilation. When not in use, it folds up into a briefcase size that meets airline in-cabin fit requirements; making this carrier suitable for car or airplane trips while offering cats closeness with their owners while traveling.