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The Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune is a game show that was broadcast on television. Its format is simple: each player spins the wheel and chooses either a vowel or a consonant. The screen will display the words they have chosen. The winner is awarded cash or prizes. It is a popular game show that is still popular today.

The show was created by Merv Griffin, based on his childhood memories of playing Hangman. Because he liked the look, he decided to change the theme and include a roulette-style wheel in the show. His original hosts were Susan Stafford and Chuck Woolery, both former models. However, the two left the show due to salary disputes with Griffin. Vanna White and Pat Sajak were their replacements.

The original Wheel of Fortune was taped at the NBC studio in Burbank, California. It aired on NBC for two years before moving to CBS. Since then, the format has undergone significant changes. It is now hosted by Jim Thornton. The original announcer of the show was Charlie O’Donnell.

Personal protective equipment was provided for everyone involved in the show on and off camera. Before entering the set, contestants were also tested for safety. There were also strict social distancing rules. During gameplay, the contestants spun the wheel using a tube-like device. The winners of the game were announced in the bonus round.

In the UK version of the show, the winning amounts were referred to as ‘points’, and did not have any cash value. To win the jackpot, contestants had to land on a jackpot wedge. Then, they had to solve a puzzle or call a letter correctly. Each correct letter resulted in a $500 bonus for the winner.