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Research Breakthrough

How to Unlock a Research Breakthrough in Pokemon Go

Unlocking a research breakthrough is a great way to earn XP, Stardust, and various items. You can also get a Pokemon that appears in the game when you’ve reached the milestone. Fortunately, the game rewards you with a rare Pokemon every once in a while! To help you with this process, we’ve listed a few Pokemon that you might encounter as a reward.

Unlocking a research breakthrough

Unlocking a Research Breakthrough is one of the many ways to earn XP. It involves completing tasks in the game, which are typically awarded as shiny Pokemon. Each task is designed to give you a specific reward. The rewards will vary depending on the research breakthrough you are attempting to unlock. These tasks can be either Field Research or Special Research.

Unlocking a research breakthrough requires seven research stamps per day. The rewards for completing these tasks vary by month, but the rewards can include a new Evolution item, an Alolan Grimer, or even a new encounter. Remember to be patient and use Pokeballs!

Field Research rewards

While completing Field Research does not necessarily get you closer to Mew, it does offer a number of rewards, such as special stamps and a chance to capture rare Pokemon. Field Research tasks can be completed in any order, and the first one you complete each day will earn you a special stamp. Getting seven of these stamps will earn you a Research Breakthrough, which will unlock even more rare items, Stardust, and Pokemon.

Unlike the other types of Field Research tasks, Research Breakthrough rewards are unique. Each month, there is a different reward for completing this particular task. For example, in June, you may be rewarded with a shiny Pinap Pokemon. This Pokemon can be used to complete throwing-based Special Research streaks. It also comes with strong IVs.

Research Breakthroughs are usually the result of hard-core work, and it is possible to get a rare Pokemon by completing the most difficult tasks. However, some tasks take quite a long time to complete, and you might not get it right away. If this is the case, you may want to consider completing several similar tasks at the same time, as they may be easier to complete than one at a time.

Unlike regular Pokemon, Research Breakthrough rewards are unique and exciting. The best way to get them is to spend some time collecting stamps and completing tasks. You can get up to seven stamps in a row by completing tasks every day, and you can save up completed tasks to earn a Research Breakthrough. The Research Breakthrough rewards appear in a package at the top of your Field Research progress page. The Research Breakthrough for October 2022 will be Shedinja. After the month ends, a new Pokemon will take the title for that month.

Pokemon that appear as a research breakthrough

A Research Breakthrough is an event that rewards you with a rare Pokemon that you may not have encountered otherwise. It will reward you with XP, Stardust, and even some items, depending on the Pokemon that you encounter. To earn these rewards, you need to research the Pokémon.

Field Research tasks are assigned by spinning PokeStops. Each task has a specific objective and a reward. These rewards can range from items to Pokemon encounters. For those tasks that award items, the rewards will be indicated by an icon. For encounters, the quantity of the reward will not be displayed, but they will be indicated by an icon. You can use a handy graphic to see which tasks you need to complete to earn a reward.

During this season, you’ll be able to unlock several new Pokemon. Typically, there will be a single Pokemon per month, but sometimes multiple Pokemon will appear in a single month. For example, in October 2022, you’ll have four chances to encounter a new Research Breakthrough Pokemon.

While the chances of finding a Research Breakthrough depend on the location, the Pokemon you encounter will change each month. The rewards for a Research Breakthrough vary depending on the Pokémon you encounter. There are CP-based encounters, and Pokemon that appear as a result of these encounters have the highest chance of being Shiny. The chances of obtaining a Shiny form are about one in 450, although they can increase for certain encounters.