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Feelings Can Be Hurt By Mutually Respecting Coworkers

Respecting your coworkers is the best way to create a respectful workplace. However, sometimes your actions can hurt their feelings. Here are some tips to make the workplace a more positive place to work:

First, understand why you dislike a coworker. People who dislike each other tend to share their frustrations with each other, which can cause more damage than good. Instead, you should try to set aside your differences and focus on fostering a positive workplace culture. If you are not sure how to go about solving this problem, you should first try to make the other person feel comfortable enough to open up to you.

Second, ensure you are not in a position to be aggressive. Oftentimes, a person’s behavior is driven by personal pain or a difficult home situation. If your coworker continues to behave this way, it is important to stay calm and remain neutral. You can ignore rudeness and concentrate on your job.

If your coworkers don’t respect you, it can cause hurt feelings and damage to your company’s reputation. People value honesty and sincerity, and a lack of mutual respect can cause tension. It can even lead to unethical or illegal behavior. Respecting your coworkers can also increase productivity, improve morale, and reduce absenteeism. A workplace environment that fosters mutual respect is more likely to attract and retain high-quality applicants. It may also boost your company’s reputation for fairness and ethical strength.

Despite all the benefits of a respectful workplace, it is also important to recognize the downsides. Research shows that employees who feel valued by their managers are more loyal to their jobs and satisfied with it. They are more likely to work collaboratively, collaborate more, and take direction from their superiors. Disrespecting colleagues can actually cause real damage. One study found that up to 80% employees who are disrespected spend more time on bad behavior than on their work.