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Research Quarterly For Exercise And Sport

Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport

Several journals are available for exercise and sport researchers. These include journals that are accredited by the International Association for Sports Medicine, as well as journals that have an impact factor of at least 1.0. Some of these journals also have values of equity, diversity and inclusion. In addition, they offer a variety of formats to suit a range of interests.

Journals of exercise and sport with an impact factor of at least 1.0

Using the Journal Citation Reports database, we looked at the impact factor of the sport and exercise literature. The list included the usual suspects such as the British Journal of Sports Medicine and the Journal of Sport and Exercise Medicine. However, not all journals were tracked in this database. The aforementioned exercise and sport journals are just the tip of the iceberg.

For example, the impact factor of the Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine in Sweden is a notch below that of the Journal of Sport and Exercise Medicine in the United States. The aforementioned Journal of Sport and Exercise Medicine in the United states was ranked number four while the Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports was the fifth best in this list. In other words, it is clear that the Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine is a contender in the world of sport and exercise journals. Besides, the name of the game in the sport and exercise literature is to provide high quality, evidence-based articles on the subject.

Values of equity, diversity and inclusion

Using the NIRSA Foundation’s scholarly communications outlet, Recreational Sports Journal (RSJ), a retrospective content analysis was conducted on 200 research articles on diversity and inclusion in exercise and sport. The study revealed that equity, diversity, and inclusion were addressed in less than one in five articles. The only variable that showed a statistically significant improvement was gender reporting.

Several studies examined the benefits of having an inclusive environment. They found that individuals who live in inclusive environments have more positive health outcomes. In an inclusive environment, everyone is treated with dignity and respect. Inclusion also promotes emotional well-being.

The American Council on Exercise (ACE) is a leading advocate for equity in the fitness industry. The organization’s Taking Action with ACE course is geared towards building an inclusive fitness industry. It helps exercise professionals better serve diverse communities and boost client engagement.

A special issue of the Recreational Sports Journal focuses on the value of equity, diversity, and inclusion in exercise and sport. The authors featured in this issue have a particular expertise in this area.

Scope of the journal

Choosing the best journal for your research on exercise and sport requires an understanding of the scope of the journal. This will help you decide whether the journal has the appropriate readership for your work. For example, a journal with a general readership may not be appropriate for research focusing on a country. On the other hand, a journal with an interdisciplinary readership may be suitable for research that focuses on different aspects of the same country.

The scope of a journal is defined by its aims. These aims are described in the journal’s home page on Taylor & Francis Online. They cover a wide range of topics, including health promotion, sports science, and traditional cultural physical activities.

The journal also publishes editorials, review articles, and case reports. The journal emphasizes quality articles, original research, and the potential impact of the work. In addition, the journal is committed to equity, diversity, and inclusion.


SHAPE America has a high quality professional journal, Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport, which offers articles that cover the latest research on human movement studies. The journal covers all areas of measurement and evaluation, biomechanics, motor behavior, psychology, epidemiology, history, and research notes. It is a respected professional journal that provides access to members of The National Association of Kinesiology in Higher Education.

The journal is endorsed by the American Psychological Association (APA) as a Transparency and Openness Promotion Guidelines (TOP) journal. The TOPs were developed by a community working group and in conjunction with the Center for Open Science. The guidelines cover eight fundamental aspects of research planning and reporting: attribution, ethics, ethics of research, disclosure, method section, informed consent, and a statement of the Internal Review Board. The guidelines can be followed by journals at three levels of compliance. Below is a list of the minimal requirements for publications at each level.