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Oncology Travel Nurse Jobs

Oncology Travel Nurse Jobs

Travel nurse jobs offer RNs the perfect way to supplement their income. In addition to stipends and bonuses, they may receive benefits like free private housing or full health care coverage.

Travel nursing jobs with cancer patients offer nurses the chance to work while traveling. These registered nurses keep tabs on laboratory, pathology and imaging studies, administer medications, fluids and treatments as needed, and offer emotional support to their patients.

Nurses must possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills, be confident in performing basic patient assessments, and follow physician orders closely. Furthermore, they are expected to ensure all procedures are documented accurately and administered promptly.

Cardiac Catheterization Lab Travel Nurses

One of the most essential skills for Cardiac Catheterization Lab Travel Nurses is being able to detect changes in patient status. They monitor vital signs, report any adjustments to physicians, and administer advanced life support measures as necessary.

This nursing role is highly paid, but requires extensive experience and training to become successful. Candidates should hold a current RN license, have at least two years’ experience working in an acute care setting such as ICU or telemetry, and possess critical nursing skillsets.

COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a severe shortage of nurses both in the United States and around the world. To combat this crisis, hospitals have increased their pay for nurses willing to work in this difficult environment.

Nurses are at the forefront of this crisis and they provide patients with vital assistance to recover quickly. Furthermore, their role is crucial in controlling the spread of HIV/AIDS.

Postpartum/Mother-Baby Travel Nurses are a special group of nurses that provides postpartum/Mother-Baby nursing care to women and their babies after childbirth in various healthcare facilities. Through professional nursing skills, these nurses offer emotional and physical support to mothers as they recover, as well as to their newborns.

They also educate new parents on how to care for their babies and the effects of pregnancy, labor, and delivery. For nurses this role is particularly rewarding as they get to witness firsthand the compassion and empathy they can show others.

Wound Care Nurses

Wound care nursing is in high demand due to an aging population, increased diabetes and obesity rates, as well as an influx of patients with chronic illnesses like heart disease or cancer. Registered nurses (RNs) assess, treat, manage wound healing processes as well as offer post-surgical care and preventive services.

Nurses work in hospitals, surgical centers and outpatient clinics to meet the needs of their clients. They perform daily assessments, offer wound care and medication therapy, as well as collaborate with an interdisciplinary healthcare team on care plans.

In the coming years, there is expected to be an increased need for oncology travel nurses as more patients seek care for their cancer diagnoses. These nurses play an invaluable role in helping patients and families cope with such devastating news, often creating lifelong bonds that last long after patients have recovered from their illness.