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Travel Nursing Jobs Oklahoma

Travel Nursing Jobs Oklahoma

Oklahoma provides travelers with an ideal combination of wide open spaces, cultural events and an affordable cost of living – making it an attractive destination for travel nurses and other healthcare travelers.

Oklahoma offers something exciting or relaxing to all travel nurses alike. Home to world-famous art museums, zoos and historical sites as well as outdoor pursuits like hiking and biking – Oklahoma truly has something for every travel nurse to appreciate!

Ohio offers thrill seekers plenty to keep them satisfied, including two Six Flags theme parks featuring high-speed rides and roller coasters. Or for an alternate adrenaline boost there is rock-climbing, spelunking and skydiving available throughout the state.

With so much to see and do in Oklahoma, more RNs are opting for flexible work options offered by travel nursing jobs oklahoma. When working with an established travel nurse agency, finding a job tailored specifically to your career goals becomes much simpler. An experienced recruiter can also assist with paperwork and details associated with your assignment.

Travel nurses typically earn higher salaries than their counterparts who work full-time at hospitals or private practices, as well as receiving industry-leading benefits like housing stipends, medical insurance coverage, 401K contributions, meal allowances and bonuses that make their salaries even more desirable and competitive.

A quality travel nurse agency will find you a contract that fits with your experience and qualifications, offering excellent pay, placements and flexibility so you can pursue your passions while balancing out your life more evenly. Reputable agencies may even offer sign-on bonuses, overtime bonuses, shift differential bonuses or seasonal bonuses to keep your career on track.

Oklahoma RNs and LPNs who hold multistate licenses can now travel freely within their home state without needing to take additional licensing exams, due to its adoption of the National Licensure Compact (NLC). Healthcare professionals licensed under this program may practice in other NLC states with similar credentials and requirements, with Oklahoma declared as their home state and meeting other qualifying criteria. To be eligible, applicants must first declare Oklahoma as their place of origin before meeting other qualifying criteria. For example, Registered Nurses must complete at least six semester hours of academic nursing coursework that meets or exceeds their current state licensure level. LPNs must possess valid certification of completion from an approved training program that fulfills or surpasses the standards established by the Oklahoma Board of Nursing, including clinical experience relevant to their nursing specialty of interest.