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Which Sentence Uses The Passive Voice For The Main Verb

The active voice in English is used to talk about what a subject is doing in a sentence. For example, Kevin is playing with the ball and acts in relation to the ball. The passive voice is the opposite. It simply says that the subject is doing something without acting. If Kevin is playing with the ball, he is in the active voice. If Kevin is acting in relation to the ball, the sentence is in the passive voice.

The main verb of this sentence is “to be born.” This verb is most commonly used in the past, but it can be used in the present or future. It can also be formed with the words “to get” or ‘to have.’ The alternate forms are discussed on a separate page. The past tense of this verb is in the passive voice, while the future tense is in the active voice.

Generally, the active voice is used in academic writing and formal speech. It is more natural to use. It follows the basic structure of a sentence: a subject and a verb. In other words, the verb must be in the present tense to show an action. A passive sentence makes the subject and the direct object the object of the action. The sentence shows that the main verb performed the action.

When the main verb is the passive form, the subject no longer performs the action. However, the main agent of the action remains the student, while the subject remains the essay. In the passive voice, the functions of the subject and the verb change. The direct object becomes the subject and the main verb has the form of “to be” added to it. Therefore, the first example of this sentence has the active voice, while the second one uses the passive one.

In this example, the main verb is in the passive voice. The main verb in the active voice is the student. The student is still the main agent of the passive sentence. The essay, in turn, is the subject of the passive sentence. The active verb in the other case, on the other hand, is the indirect object. In this instance, the latter becomes the subject. This is also the case with the third-person-pronoun in the active voice.

The passive voice is used in legal settings as well. It is often used in courtroom scenes to avoid direct accusations against suspects. The prosecutor uses the passive voice in a situation where a person is accused of killing someone. In the same way, a patient who is being blamed for murder may be blamed for the crime. This is the case when the main verb in the sentence is in the passive voice.

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