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Research Foundation Mental Hygiene

Research Foundation For Mental Hygiene Inc

The Research Foundation for Mental Hygiene Inc. is a nonprofit organization founded in 1952 that works to further the objectives of the New York State Department of Mental Hygiene. The nonprofit is committed to helping others in the spirit of generosity and dignity. Its mission is to improve the lives of those who suffer from mental illness.

The grant will help improve mental health care and treatment for young people of color who have serious mental illnesses. The goal is to create health equity, which NYHealth defines as health care that ensures that everyone has access to quality mental health care. Ultimately, all individuals should receive equal opportunities to enjoy good health, and no one should face undue hardships.

The salary range at Research Foundation For Mental Hygiene Inc. varies widely, from an average of $325,729 to $373,626. Salaries vary based on location, experience, and the type of job. The salary ranges are based on individual skills and experience, as well as job descriptions and departments.