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Fisher Price Little People Books

Fisher-Price Little People Books

One of the most iconic brands in the world, Fisher-Price has been producing Little People since 1950. This series of play sets encouraged children to learn about the world outside their home. They have sold over two billion Little People. During this time, the line was expanded to include various themes and accessories, such as dollhouses, service stations, and accessory packs.

One of the more interesting and innovative products from Fisher-Price was the Safety School Bus, which was introduced in 1959. The figures were made from cardboard tubes wrapped in lithographs that mimicked the clothing of the characters. It was an instant hit. In the mid-90s, the company redesigned the Little People and made them larger and more colorful. There was even a version of the bus that was a pull toy.

There have also been a number of Fisher-Price Little People books to choose from. Several of the more popular titles include Meet Firefighter Cheryl, The Fox and the Hound, and Easter is Here. These books teach kids about colors, shapes, and even how to match. Additionally, these books help kids discover the fun things that can be found in the world around them.

The Deluxe comic book, which is the smallest of the big three, has a pretty dark purple cover and includes some cool pictures. In addition, the book features over 20 flaps that lift up to reveal fun little facts and figures. On the inside, you’ll find a “Favorite Mother Goose Rhymes” label, a “Fun Around the Clock” story, and a “Fun with Words” title.

The aptly-named “My Big Coloring Book” features a variety of classic Little People animals. Besides the usual coloring pages, this book contains 200 fun-filled color pages and includes a handful of clever tricks that make it a great choice for young painters. Among other things, this book is also an excellent way to teach kids the alphabet.

One of the more funky Fisher-Price Little People books is the Fun With Food Cookbook, which features a fun mother goose character riding on a big white goose. Besides being cute, the animal makes for a cool photo op.

Another one of the smallest and most impressive Fisher-Price Little People books is the My Big Coloring Book. Aside from the fact that it’s large enough to hold several sheets of paper, the book also provides a variety of coloring pages, and the cover includes an appealing scene. All in all, this book is the best thing that the Little People line has produced.

Whether you’re a fan of the show or not, you can’t deny that the company has been responsible for some of the most memorable toys in history. Not only have they created some of the most innovative and popular toys, but they’ve also taken their products and marketing to the international market. As such, they’re a trusted name to many consumers worldwide. For this reason, you can trust them to deliver your Little People book order in the shortest amount of time.