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Nicu Nurse Travel Jobs

NICU Nurse Travel Jobs

NICU nurses provide essential support to newborns, helping them thrive and develop. Their role can be extremely rewarding as they witness babies make progress in what was once seen as a dark and scary place. You will typically care for infants with congenital defects as well as premature ones. Furthermore, you will educate parents and family members on both medical needs for their newborn as well as what can be done at home to further support them.

Traveling for NICU travel jobs offers you an amazing chance to see the country while working at some of the nation’s most advanced medical facilities. Additionally, these positions give you a chance to visit new cities each month and gain invaluable experience while working with various patients.

A NICU nurse must be able to manage the pressures of a fast-paced work environment as well as cope with stress and trauma. They typically need to be on call 24/7 and adapt quickly when changes in their assignment or environment arise. This can be challenging, so having an encouraging support network of friends and family who will be there when you need them most is invaluable.

If you want to become a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) nurse, the initial step is completing your education. This usually entails earning a bachelor’s degree in nursing and passing both the NCLEX exam and state board requirements. After having your degree and license, you can start searching for travel NICU jobs around your area.

As a certified neonatal intensive care nurse, you must possess two years of clinical experience within this specialty. Furthermore, you must be knowledgeable about specialized equipment and advances in neonatal medicine. Furthermore, your ability to work as part of an interprofessional team and communicate effectively with other members of nursing staff are must be prerequisites.

As a NICU travel job, you must be able to work flexible hours and manage your time efficiently. Since these jobs tend to be long-term assignments, it is essential that you can balance traveling demands with regular home responsibilities.

Earnings as a NICU Nurse

As a travel nurse, you can expect to make more money than the national average for your specialty. This is due to larger and better-known locations or medical institutions offering higher salaries as well as bonuses and extra shift compensation. Furthermore, travel nurses typically receive an extensive benefits package which often includes full medical and dental coverage, paid holidays/vacations, as well as stipends or free housing.

Starting Your Journey as a NICU Travel Nurse

Deciding to pursue a career as a NICU nurse is no small feat, but one that will reap rewards in the future. Demand for these nurses is rising steadily, offering plenty of NICU travel jobs across America.