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Amudim Israel Travel

Amudim Israel Travel Experience

Students attending Amudim will experience travel across Israel and internationally as part of their study at Amudim, visiting various countries where students will discover new cultures, communities, and environments. It’s an integral component of studying with us at Amudim; students must make use of this unique opportunity by exploring their surroundings with enthusiasm!

Amudim students also participate in numerous hesed activities throughout the year to enhance and sustain Israeli society, such as helping at Tomkhei Shabbat services or pantry packing; medical clowning etc. This allows the Amudim community to interact and learn together while strengthening bonds of shared commitment to Israel and its people and its land.

Amudim provides students with meaningful internship/hitnadvut (volunteer) work experiences at Israeli and international organizations and businesses, giving them a foundational understanding of their roles within society, an integral component of Amudim education.

Amudim faculty hails from universities and academic institutions throughout Israel. Coupled with its strong Religious Zionist/Dati Leumi philosophy and approach, this provides Amudim students with an invaluable toolkit for making sense of and engaging with modern life.

Courses covering Jewish narrative, the place of Israel in modern history, and relations between Jews and its land are offered throughout the year.

Amudim students gain insight into both sides of the debate between Palestinians and Zionists to develop an accurate picture of both perspectives. This allows Amudim students to engage successfully with the wider Jewish community as they develop skills necessary for being informed advocates for Israel back home.

These courses are available to all Amudim students and many are part of their Gap Year curriculum. Each one is led by Amudim teachers selected for their expertise in relevant fields and their ability to bring these subjects alive so that students’ Torah learning is enhanced.

Students will participate in several trips and activities during their studies at TBI, such as traveling to the Negev. These excursions give students an opportunity to see parts of Israel that may not always be accessible by bus or train, providing a deeper understanding of both themselves as individuals as well as all that makes up Israel itself.

Amudim’s team of travel and education experts possess vast expertise, offering tours and excursions for students and staff. Through this experience, Amudim ensures that every student can make the most of the opportunities provided them by Amudim.

Amudim strives to educate its students on all health policies and updates that might impact their time in Israel, providing an in-depth session during orientation as well as holding meetings throughout the school year.