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Fortune Feimster Weight Loss

Fortune Feimster Weight Loss Success Story

Fortune Feimster was able to achieve her weight loss goals by making daily adjustments to her diet and lifestyle. She mainly focused on plant-based foods and got most of her protein from eggs and lean meat. She also added regular exercise into her routine. Feimster believed that healthy eating and exercise would eventually lead to a successful lifestyle.

While many women would envy Fortune’s slim figure, she did not lose a ton of weight. In fact, she lost 40 pounds in just five months. She also credited her girlfriend Jacquelyn Smith with inspiring her to change her lifestyle. Although she was born with a big frame, she aimed to look slimmer in order to meet her new love, Jacquelyn Smith.

Fortune Feimster was born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina. She grew up with two older brothers and attended Belmont Central Elementary School and Belmont Junior High. She later graduated from South Point High School in 1998. She is a lesbian and came out as a lesbian at age 25. She currently lives in Los Angeles and has a comedy special on Netflix.

The two met at Pride in June 2015 and were engaged for almost two years. They are now going on to the next chapter in their relationship. They regularly post jolly moments on their social media accounts. Feimster also stars on the Netflix series Sweet & Salty. She has opened up about her coming out experience on her social media accounts.

Fortune Feimster’s weight loss journey began in 2002, when she married long-time partner Jacquelyn Smith. Jacquelyn Smith graduated from Michigan State University in 2002 and then went on to pursue a career as a network administrator at Weldaloy Products Company. She also completed her graduate education at Chicago State University, earning her Masters of Elementary Education in 2007.

Fortune Feimster is an American comedian, actress, and writer. She first appeared on NBC’s Last Comic Standing in 2010. She then went on to play Colette in the hit show “The Mindy Project.” Since then, she has had a successful career as a writer, host, and comedian.

Feimster lost 30 pounds in a month’s time. Her weight loss plan included cutting out processed foods, milk, sugar, and alcohol. She ate mainly vegetables and replaced cream in her coffee with almond milk. She credits her partner with motivating her to follow her diet and lifestyle changes.