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Miss Fortune Aram Build

Choosing a Miss Fortune ARAM Build

Miss Fortune can be built in two ways: as a Marksman or as a Mage. Which one you choose will depend on the composition of your team. Listed below are a few ideas for Miss Fortune builds. Each type of Miss Fortune build will have a different role in the game.

An APC-focused Miss Fortune build prioritizes max health and AP. It will ensure you can survive in a long slugfest and dent the enemy’s offensive power. This build is best for players with good timing. It is not a good choice for new players. It is a good choice for players with a bit of experience. However, this build will be less effective than a non-AP build.

The runes of Miss Fortune will boost her damage-dealing abilities. For example, her unique ability Aery will summon Aery to dash and deal 10-60 AD to enemy champions. You can also equip Brutal, which gives you AP when you attack. Finally, Manaflow Band will grant you bonus health and mana. Another unique trait of this build is the three summoner spells. These three spells give Miss Fortune extra AD, as well as healing.

While Miss Fortune has a lot of good items, she should concentrate on getting her core items. This includes the mythic item, bordered, and a few good items. Miss Fortune’s Love Tap passive is very strong in ARAM and can deal massive poke damage to enemies from a distance.

Heal is another important ability that will improve your damage dealing ability and increase your movement speed. It will also give you a higher chance to hit enemies. You can also use Phantom Dancer to get extra movement speed. This ability will grant 5% movement speed, which can help you get closer to enemies and escape more easily.

The most common Miss Fortune combo is a combo of Make It Rain and Strut, which slows enemy champions down and allows Miss Fortune to use Double Up. This gives her time to make a good shot. After allies arrive and the enemies retreat, Miss Fortune can go offensive. With a boosted basic attack, she can finish them off.

Choosing a Miss Fortune build is not as difficult as you might think. You can choose a build that focuses on making her as strong as possible without spending a lot of money. If you’re unsure of what to do in a game, consider a few basic tips to increase your chance of success.