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Specialized Research Resources Include

Specialized Research Resources

Various types of specialized research resources are available. Some of them offer free access, but subscriptions are also available. For example, you can access PubMed through OSU Libraries for free and use the Find It link, but the subscription version offers more advanced search capabilities. Another important factor to consider when choosing a database is scope. Scope describes the specific date range, subject matter, and format for which the database is intended. Some databases are very broad in scope, while others are narrower and offer more specialized information.

specialized research resources

Specialized research resources include a wide range of physical and digital collections. They can help researchers find relevant information on any topic. For example, the Library provides databases that cover various subjects and provide the ability to fine-tune searches. A researcher can also access specialized scholarly resources that are licensed by Brown University. Access to these resources requires a Shibboleth login.

These databases include articles by professionals and are far more reliable than regular search engines. The specialized research resources can provide support and accuracy in your research, and they also allow you to save time. Furthermore, these databases are particularly helpful when you need to find scholarly articles in a particular format or date range.

Sources of citations

In academic writing, it is important to cite the source of the information that is referred to in a paper. In most cases, this will come from an article or other scholarly publication that is cited in parenthetical in-text citations, and may also include a reference list or bibliography. It is important to list all sources used, and a style manual can provide the best guidelines for referencing them.

Whether a source is online or in print, it is vital to cite the original author of the work. For instance, a print publisher is required to secure the rights to use the material before publishing it online. However, if a website is reposting information from a category 3 publication, it is best to contact the original author and obtain the right to use the information.

Access to full-text of articles

Many databases are available in both free and subscription versions, and many are also affiliated with a subscription library. These subscription databases offer enhanced search and member-based services. The subscription version of PubMed is usually more comprehensive and allows for a wider scope of searches. For example, PubMed via OSU Libraries offers an enhanced search feature that allows you to search the entire database in a specific subject, date range, or format.

Many specialized databases also include articles from scholarly journals. Scholarly journals are typically published by specialized organizations and universities. These publications generally have one issue a year and aim to provide a broad audience with current and relevant information. Depending on the topic, scholarly articles may be written by journalists, free-lance writers, or both. They may be illustrated with color photographs or have human-interest themes, and the language used is typically geared toward an educated audience. Periodicals may also include sources and are categorized by subject.

Access to encyclopedias

For reference purposes, encyclopedias are a useful tool. They provide background information and overviews of specific topics. They are available in databases and the reference section of a library. Moreover, many encyclopedias are specialized for specific subjects.

These reference books often contain concise factual entries. They are typically arranged alphabetically. The information they provide is useful for classroom projects, research papers, and more. CRC handbooks, for example, are devoted to topics like chemistry, physics, and American popular culture. Oxford handbooks, on the other hand, cover a wide range of subjects. One might want to consult the Business Plans Handbook, or browse the Oxford Reference Timelines.

Access to dictionaries

When searching for information about a country or language, access to dictionaries in specialized research resources is vital. Most general guides contain sections on different languages, and these resources will help you find dictionaries specific to that country. You can also find dictionaries in encyclopedias and subject gateway sites.

While dictionaries are indispensable for academic research, they are also a great source of background information. Often, these reference works also include a bibliography of additional sources. There are general and subject-specific dictionaries available, including dictionaries in the English language and in many foreign languages. The latter are often categorized by subject and written by subject experts.