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University Of Oregon Riverfront Research Park Western Parcel

University of Oregon Reconsiders Development of Western Parcels of Riverfront Research Park

A group of concerned citizens has asked the University of Oregon to reconsider the development of the western parcel of the riverfront research park. They are concerned about the alleged violations of local laws and contractual obligations. They have petitioned President Richard Lariviere to comply with all local laws and the intergovernmental agreement, which transfers the land to the university. They also want the university to consider other options to develop the riverfront.

The University of Oregon’s ASUO has voted to spend $56k for an outside lawyer and has vowed to use the money for a student-led master plan visioning process. The funds cannot be used for consulting firms, consulting fees, or outside legal council. The money could instead be used to improve the current site and to build a new building.

There are two competing plans for the Oregon Research Institute’s building. One would be a private office building with parking lots. This would require about 80,000 square feet of building space. In addition, there would be 4.3 acres of land along the Willamette River for landscaping. The University has been fighting development along the Willamette River for nearly 20 years.

The southern portion of the campus is comprised of a mix of University and research park uses. It also includes the Urban Farm and fine art studios. It also includes existing buildings from the Riverfront Research Park. There are also parking lots and a bike path along the Millrace. These areas would benefit from pedestrian and bicycle connections to the north.

The University of Oregon Riverfront Research Park is nearing its cleanup phase. While the cleanup process is ongoing, interested parties have already begun looking for potential redevelopment projects. In 2001, the city of Portland’s Bureau of Planning and Sustainability conducted an assessment of the site’s reuse potential.

The campus has a long history as an academic institution. It is the largest research institution in Oregon and employs over 12,600 people. Founded in 1887 as the Oregon Medical School, it is the oldest medical school west of the Mississippi River. OHSU later evolved into a comprehensive academic health sciences university. It has several research institutes, allied health training programs, and multidisciplinary units.