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Robin Dimension Travel Fanfiction Avengers

Avengers: Damian – A Fan Fiction About Time Travel, Alternate Universes and Robin

Damian finds himself trapped when a portal opens to another universe. After years in another life, his family doesn’t recognize him and the world is chaos; Damian must find his way home and if possible help out his loved ones while doing it. Rated T / Words: 7,753 / Chapters: 19

Nightwing, Batman and Robin find themselves unexpectedly transported into another dimension; it shouldn’t be such a monumental struggle; yet things quickly go from bad to worse when they all fall ill at once. A dark story with sickness, dimension travel and significant angst.

Nobody ever anticipates falling in love with someone from another universe – especially when that someone happens to be their best friend and both superheroes! A story of love, friendship and discovering yourself.

Damian gets drawn into another universe during a routine patrol, only to find himself living as Bruce Wayne’s last remaining son – with all its perils. While Damian becomes an instant hero in his own right, only Damian knows his time has come and his future represents danger; Young Justice struggles to cope with him and deal with what his presence portends – leading them down an unexpected path of danger that brings Robin whammy as well. A fantastic story full of emotion!

As times shift around us, it can be hard to know whether we’re at the right place at the right time – something Damian discovers when he finds himself in another timeline and becomes captured by S.H.I.E.L.D and imprisoned at Avengers Tower. Damian’s family wants him back and must fight to bring him home; in this story with family and team conflict alongside plenty of angst it will make an excellent read for any Young Justice AU fan!