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Intex Kids Travel Bed

How to Choose a Kids Travel Bed

Kids travel beds can be the ideal solution when your child needs somewhere to rest their head while traveling, staying with friends, or camping. There are various types of portable beds for kids available such as folding toddler travel beds and inflatable mattress cribs, making the right selection essential. It is important to choose which travel bed type best meets the requirements for you situation: size, portability and comfort all play a factor when making this selection decision.

First and foremost, consider what size travel bed your kid’s travel bed will be. Options range from small twin size travel beds all the way up to queen-sized inflatable kids beds; smaller travel beds tend to be easier and more compact to transport; however, smaller mattresses may not provide sufficient support and comfort for all children sleeping on it.

Next, consider how easy the kids travel bed is to set up and take down. Some models require assembly while others just unfold and fill. If you plan on using the airbed frequently, a pump might make the process faster and simpler.

Finalize your considerations of how much a kids travel bed will cost by considering its price, quality and features included with it. There are both inexpensive models as well as more costly models which offer superior comfort and functionality; carefully weigh costs against benefits to determine which is the right option for your family.

The Shrunks indoor travel bed is an excellent solution for parents seeking durable and long-lasting inflatable children’s beds that won’t break the bank. Equipped with an Edge Support system to keep kids from rolling off of the mattress and thick indentation along its sides to stop fitted sheets from sliding off, this bed offers parents peace of mind knowing their little one’s bed will hold firm over time.

This inflatable kids bed may be more costly than some of the options on our list, but it still represents great value for money. Furthermore, it’s an ideal solution for families traveling by plane who require lightweight yet sturdy kids travel beds.

Hiccapop inflatable kids travel beds are one of the top choices on the market. Perfect for children ages 1-6 and available in an array of colors, this bed can easily fold and store into a carry bag when traveling by plane. Plus, its flocked inner mattress works with standard crib sheets, making this bed comfortable and spacious! Crafted with thicker vinyl that’s BPA/Phthalate free as well as double reinforced seams provides additional strength compared to competing offerings on the market.