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Miller Fortune – A Bourbon-Infused Amber Lager

Miller Fortune is a new beer from MillerCoors that is priced at $6.99 per six-pack. The brand has a 6.9% alcohol content and is aimed at male drinkers aged 21-27. It is available in single-serve and six-packs. It is recommended to drink the beer straight from the bottle, but it also tastes good in a rocks glass.

The company’s marketing strategy is aimed at whiskey drinkers by offering a beer that tastes similar to a golden Lager. Miller suggests that this beer be enjoyed in a fancy rocks glass. This is a common tactic among craft beer drinkers who often prefer craft-brewed beer. In contrast, domestic beers are valued for their drinkability and convenience. Miller Fortune is positioned as a cold beverage that can be enjoyed at any time by the company to capitalize on this market.

In addition to the bourbon-infused beer, Miller Fortune also has a malt backbone reminiscent of bourbon. The company says the drink has an ABV of 6.9% and is crafted with Cascade hops and caramel malts. It is best served in rocks glasses and is available in many other states.

Miller Fortune is a 6.9% alcohol-by-volume (ABV) amber lager that has a full-bodied and malty flavor. The malty flavor of this beer comes from caramel malts and is highlighted by the addition of Cascade hops, which add light bitterness and a citrusy bite.