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Vintage Travelers Count Dracula Doll

Vintage Travelers Count Dracula Doll

Vintage Travelers count dracula doll is an extremely rare and hard to locate jumbo-sized vampire collectible figure made by Russ Troll. She would make an excellent addition to your Halloween collection or make a wonderful gift for any vampire or horror enthusiast!

She is fully articulated and made with soft materials. At 27 inches in height, she’s ready for display!

Her large size makes her sturdy and ideal for Halloween decorations. She comes with an amulet necklace that may be missing a gem or have slight discoloration due to age!

Her eyes have minor signs of wear due to age; therefore, she should not be given to children under 3 years old!

She comes with a cardboard box for easy storage and shipping, measuring two feet high by two feet wide.

Dracula has been a prominent character in Hotel Transylvania ever since its debut. He’s an intimate friend of Frankenstein and occasionally partners with Wayne, Griffin and Murray.

He enjoys spending time with his friends and sometimes plays practical jokes on them too.

Johnny and Mavis, parents to Dennis, are best friends and spend all their free time together. They share an intense crush on each other and often crack jokes about each other.

They have known each other since childhood and share a special connection which is evident in the movie.

As Mavis and Dennis grow older, they begin dating each other and eventually move in together. Dracula is proud of them but uncertain if he would want to live with them permanently or not.

He decides that it is the right thing for them to do and wants them both to be contented. Additionally, he has a plan to bring them closer by taking Mavis back to camp where they used to spend time.

Arriving at camp, Dennis and Dana meet Dana the new instructor who leads them through safe activities like rock climbing and rafting. Afterwards they go for a walk around the lake where Dennis spots some joggers admiring him; he starts to yell “Boo” but they all run away quickly.

At the top of the tower, they discover Dracula has abandoned Dennis. When asked why, he has no explanation other than to show him how vampires used to learn how to transform into bats. Dracula also attempts to throw Dennis off but Frank begs him not too.

At the bottom of the tower, Dracula is shocked to realize he has actually cast Dennis off and regrets it. While he expresses his joy for Dennis’ friends and family, Dracula still can’t shake the feeling that Dennis needs to remain in their village.