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Chepe Fortun

Chepe Fortuna (TV Movie Review)

In this Spanish-language love story, a fisherman named Chepe Fortuna dreams of becoming the mayor of Tiburón, where he lives. A woman named Nia Cabrales, who comes from a wealthy family and has a love for the environment, falls in love with him despite their social differences.

Nina Cabrales is a descendant of a family of acaudalada in Colombia. She is an ecologist and is a descendant of a famous colombian family. Despite their differences, Chepe and Nina have a destiny to fall in love. Nina Cabrales’ family is against their relationship.

Chepe Fortuna is a Colombian telenovela, produced by RCN Television. It stars Javier Jattin, a former Miss Universe, Taliana Vargas, and Kristina Lilley, as well as an actor and model named Susana Rojas. The drama is set in the Caribe region of Colombia, with 90 percent of the cast originating from this region.

While the characters are both well-defined and memorable, Chepe Fortuna and Nina Cabrales have a very complicated relationship. Both women are lovers. Nina Cabrales, a descendant of a prestigious Colombian family, dreams of helping the fishermen in El Tiburón, but neither of them is aware of the other’s true nature.