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Panamericana Travel

Getting the Most Out of Your Panamericana Travel

The panamericana is an extensive network of highways connecting Mexico to Argentina, traversing many countries and cultures in between. It provides travelers with a rare chance to truly get acquainted with this vast continent, its stunning landscapes and vibrant cultures.

No single route connects all the countries of South America; rather, it depends on your personal preferences and what sights you would most enjoy seeing. But you can start in Mexico and work your way northward through Central America until reaching the Atlantic coast of South America.

If you have the time and funds, driving across Pan America is the best way to maximize your experience! There are various routes you can take; the most popular being taking the Pan-American Highway from Mexico City to Panama and then onto Colombia before returning home.

If you’re seeking something a bit off the beaten path, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama are great options. These countries boast stunning scenery, friendly locals and plenty of activities to do. This is an ideal chance to try out overland travel but make sure everything runs smoothly beforehand.

Driving on the Panamericana is not inherently hazardous, but it can become hazardous if you don’t take proper precautions or are traveling at night. The primary risks include other road users and animals in your path; thus, it’s essential to stay aware of them at all times.

Most of the Pan-American Highway is well-paved and in excellent condition, but there is one section between Panama and Colombia that lacks any road at all – known as Darien Gap. This section has long been an issue for both governments and environmentalists alike.

The gap is a natural boundary that separates two continents, but it also contains dense jungle with exotic animals, swamps, drug smugglers and guerillas. Both governments have been reluctant to build roads across this gap but there are plans for building a ferry link from Colombia to a new port in Panama that would complete the highway without violating these concerns.

No one can guarantee whether they’ll make it across, so you need to plan accordingly. While some travellers take the gamble and attempt it, most others simply ship their vehicles across as the risk isn’t worth taking for them.

When planning a journey, aim to spend at least one to two weeks in each country you pass through, with a minimum of 24 days for the whole journey. Although you could spend less money, it would be much harder to fit in all the sights you wish to see.

If you’re uncertain of the safety of your planned journey, it is wise to speak with either the local tourism office or embassy for your destination. They can give you a list of things to avoid and advice on what steps to take should anything go awry.