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Travel Theme Classroom

How to Create a Travel Theme Classroom

Travel theme classrooms are an excellent way to introduce students to world travel and the cultures that surround them. This theme can easily be implemented into any elementary classroom, accommodating various age groups and subject areas.

1. Add Travel-Inspired Classroom Decorations

A great and simple way to bring a travel theme to your classroom is by adding some pieces of decor. Get creative when designing the decorations for this theme, making sure to use colors that match the overall scheme.

2. Create a “Passport” Activity for Students

One great idea for teaching about travel is having students create their own passports. This gives them an opportunity to learn about the countries they will be visiting as well as practice their map skills. You can purchase stamps online or at your local hobby store to use for this project.

3. Create Travel-Themed Book Displays in Your Classroom

Displaying books themed around travel in your classroom can be an excellent way to motivate students to read and discover new places. This strategy is especially helpful for those students who may not have much access to books, as having them available all the time encourages reading.

4. Add a World Map Rug to Your Classroom

Another easy way to introduce the travel theme is by having a rug themed around the world. You can find one with an image of the globe or purchase a welcome rug featuring a world map for display in your classroom.

5. Display Geography-Themed Board Games

History teachers would likely appreciate having some geography-themed board games displayed in your classroom to help students gain an understanding of the world and its various regions. You can purchase these boards cheaply at thrift stores, making them a great addition to your learning space.

6. Display Travel Books and Maps in Your School Library

This school library decoration will motivate students to take a journey through their reading. Place a large world map on a shelf, then showcase all books related to that region. Alternatively, create an entire travel theme book display with all your library’s travel books such as one about Amazon or one specific country.

7. Brand Your Lost and Found Area in the Baggage Claim

Use suitcase clip art and labels to brand your lost and found area at baggage claim. Doing this helps students feel like they’re part of an environment that promotes travel and adventure, making them more willing to come to you with queries about where they’re going or what’s left at home.

8. Highlight Your Homework Assignment Boards with Roadmaps

Create a travel-themed door decoration before students enter your classroom so they are reminded of the theme as they enter. Alternatively, place a weekly road map sign on each of your designated homework assignment boards to continue this theme.