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Research Nutritionals

Research Nutritionals Review

Researched Nutritionals offers an extensive line of supplements. Its products focus on a variety of areas, including mitochondrial function, detoxification, immune support, and cytokine health. These products are sold exclusively through health care professionals. They are safe and effective. Researched Nutritionals uses independent laboratory testing and third-party clinical research to demonstrate product performance.

Researched Nutritionals’ expertise lies in the development of cutting-edge formulas for a broad range of conditions. Using the purest ingredients, the company’s products help patients achieve optimal health. In addition, the company orders only the finest raw materials and uses cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) manufacturing standards. They also conduct peer-reviewed studies to validate the effectiveness of their products.

In order to identify research needs, the ASN convened a Working Group of scientists and nutrition researchers. This group represented a cross-section of the ASN membership. These experts were asked to identify 6 priority research areas. Their input was solicited at a workshop held during the ASN Scientific Sessions in San Diego in 2012. The Working Group shared these research needs via a member newsletter, which reaches the entire membership base of nearly 5000 people. The feedback was then incorporated into the final document.

Researched Nutritionals also test products for efficacy, heat stability, and label claims. They partner with medical practitioners to develop advanced products. Their focus areas are immune support, energy, and detoxification. The company also maintains batch records and conducts third-party testing to ensure that no contaminants were introduced to their formulas.