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Nuna Stroller Travel Bag

Nuna Stroller Travel Bag Review

Travel bags for strollers and infant car seats are an invaluable accessory when travelling with them, protecting both from scuffs, dirt and any potential damage during transit by baggage handlers. Stroller travel bags come in all sorts of sizes and materials but most can fit multiple strollers comfortably.

Finding a suitable stroller travel bag for your family depends on the type of stroller you own and whether or not it will serve as part of a travel system with matching car seats. If your stroller will only be used as an individual unit, look for a bag featuring either a front carrying handle or two padded backpack straps to provide greater stability for single use.

When selecting a bag that can serve both single and double stroller needs, cinchable tops are key in eliminating excess bulk around smaller strollers. When not in use, make sure your selection can easily roll up into its attached pouch for storage – it should also be easy to label in case of gate check or bag check situations.

ReperKid Stroller Travel Bag is an attractive choice among parents as it falls below the average price point for stroller bags. With enough space to hold most standard and double strollers as well as infant car seats that fit onto Nuna PIPA series bases, its nylon cover can easily be wiped clean after use while its inner frame provides your stroller with protection during transit.

Moms with larger strollers have noted that while this bag may be suitable for travel systems, its large size makes it cumbersome and cumbersome to maneuver in travel system scenarios. Furthermore, many users found it challenging to roll up into its small attachment pouch for storage – and many found its drawstring hard to close due to all of its bulkiness.

J.L. Childress offers this Gate Check Bag for Single Umbrella Strollers as an economical alternative to their larger Traveling Tote bag. Like its larger counterpart, this one fits most umbrella strollers and can be rolled into its attached pouch for storage. However, its main distinguishing factor from the Traveling Tote is a single handle on the front that can be used either for side carry or the two adjustable backpack straps for easy transport.

The VolkGo Stroller Travel Bag is an enormous bag, measuring 47(H), 24(W) and 18 (L). Ideally suited to larger strollers, its generous dimensions make this an excellent bag to travel with for gate check or bag check – simply slip over, tighten with drawstring closure, cover any remaining opening with an extra flap that buckles securely over.