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No Boundaries Travel Trailer

No Boundaries Travel Trailer

Are you an outdoor adventurer searching for a travel trailer that can handle rough terrain? Look no further than No Boundaries line of lightweight towables. These tough vehicles boast adaptable storage compartments perfect for kayaks, bikes, fishing equipment and more – perfect if you’re looking to tackle even the toughest terrain!

Nobo RVs are manufactured at Forest River’s facility in Elkhart, Indiana and undergo rigorous testing to guarantee their quality and safety. If you’re ever nearby, take a tour of the factory to get an up-close view of how Nobo campers are created.

10 Series (Standard)

The Nobo 10 series is an ideal option for budget-minded campers who want to get out and explore while still enjoying all of RV camping’s features. This model boasts several useful elements like an outdoor kitchen, central vacuuming system, and gear holders.

19 Series (Plus)

Forest River Nobo 19 series offers more luxury and features than its 10-series counterpart, such as glass recessed cooktops, high-performance vinyl furniture, and more.

19 Series models come with a central vacuuming system, outdoor “bush kitchen,” and flat-top grill. Some even include an in-cabinet microwave and TV for added entertainment.

10.5 Series

For those who love the outdoors but don’t require a large space, Nobo trailer’s 10.5 series is ideal. This small camper features an outdoor kitchen, bathroom with radius shower, and bed.

Nobo trailers for sale can be easily found at local RV dealers or online. Many have been tested and found in good condition, but there are a few things that may go wrong with these RVs, so be aware of them before you buy.

Door Issues: Make sure all the doors in your trailer open and close correctly, to save yourself time and frustration if something goes awry in the future.

Water Heater: Before turning on the water heater, be sure to inspect its bi-pass valves. Doing this helps prevent sediment from accumulating in the tank of your heater.

Electric: When your trailer is powered up, look for the On/Off switch located in the lower left corner on the back panel. If it won’t come on, you may need to reset your electric thermostat.

Insulation: Make sure your wheel wells are adequately insulated to reduce condensation and heat loss during travel. Doing so can save both money and energy on your next journey.

Gas stove vent fan: If your trailer has a gas stove, be sure to open the vent fan flap on the outside so that fresh air can enter into the unit. This will help keep things cooler in summer and warmer in wintertime.

Hollow-door toggle anchors: Plastic anchors work great for this application, but be careful not to damage the panel walls by inserting it too firmly. To prevent damage, dab of hot glue behind the head of the anchor before inserting it.