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League of Legends Miss Fortune OPGG Guide

In the League of Legends game, Miss Fortune is an AD carry that has defined the meta in its current incarnation. This character has been popping up everywhere, from pro play to casual play, and is quickly becoming one of the most popular heroes. Here are some tips for playing her successfully, including how to play her runes, best builds, and tips to maximize her potential.

– Using Z – Fanfaronne, you can increase Miss Fortune’s speed. This spell also gives her increased mana, which is useful for long-duration combat. Another useful buff is Legend: Bloodline, which increases Miss Fortune’s sustained damage. Biscuit Delivery improves her mana and helps her lane harassing abilities.

– Miss Fortune has a decent amount of health and mana, with a high attack speed. She has 28+4.2 attack damage, 52+2.7 magic resist, and 30+1.3 crit damage. Her attack range is 325 and her attack speed is 550. This means that she can deal a lot of damage in one game.