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Fortuna, ND is a Small Town in Divide County, North Dakota

Fortuna is located in Divide County, North Dakota. According to the 2020 census, the population is approximately 30. The city is located on a plain in the eastern part of the state. Fortuna is located approximately 40 miles from Fargo. The town is home to many farmers. It is also a popular tourist spot with many historical landmarks. It is close to a river and has a small retail district.

Fortuna was once part of the Brush lake Closed Basin. This basin was formed by ancient glaciers during an Ice Age. As a result, it didn’t drain to the ocean, but rather drained to a lake in Montana. Fortuna residents were able to enjoy the latest summer solstice sunrise at that time.

Fortuna is found in Divide County, North Dakota. Its population is estimated to reach 32 people by 2020. This makes Fortuna the 330th largest city in the state and the 285th largest city in the United States. Since the last census, Fortuna’s population has increased by 6.67%. Fortuna ND is a one mile square with a density of 32.

Fortuna, ND is home to approximately 34 people. Of these people, 100% are US citizens, while 0% are foreign-born. In 2020, the median household income of Fortuna, ND was $136,250. This was higher than the national average of $94,600. The majority of the population was non-Hispanic whites, but there were no African Americans or Asians.

Fortuna, ND has a high homeownership rate, at 90 percent. Homeownership rates were higher than the national average of 64.4%, and there was a three-car median household ownership rate. The average commute time for residents is 26.9 minutes.