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People V. Knoller

People v Knoller – A New Trial Could Spell the End For Marjorie Knoller

When the prosecution and defense in Marjorie Knoller’s Presa Canario homicide case took their seats in the courtroom, the trial court was not particularly impressed with the jury’s performance. Despite a plethora of evidence to the contrary, the court was forced to accept Knoller’s plea bargain. The jury did not take the bait and convicted her on all counts, including second degree murder. Having spent the better part of the last decade incarcerated, she was left with a legacy that she would not have otherwise had the opportunity to right.

Although Knoller fought for her fair, her post-trial life was a rough one. Her plight was not helped by the fact that her codefendant was more than willing to testify on her behalf. In the end, Knoller lost both of her appeals and a life sentence was the only consolation prize she could claim. With the prosecution swooping up the stragglers, it was time for a new start. A motion for a new trial was filed and the judge had a go. After a lengthy hearing, Judge Woolard’s ruling was affirmed. She was sent home with a second degree murder conviction and a prison term whose length will likely be determined by the fact that Knoller was unable to secure a fair shake in the courtroom.

There are many factors to consider when weighing the merits of a new trial, including the fact that the jury may not have been sated by the defendant’s proffered rebuttal. This could spell the end of Knoller if the jury is as tough as she is. The aforementioned dingbat may just be her lucky break. On the other hand, the judge’s apprehension of her plight could be her undoing. For a woman who was a champion in the canine arena, it’s a shame Knoller’s fate remains a mystery.