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Oliver Peoples Riley

Oliver Peoples Riley Sunglasses

Oliver Peoples is an eyewear label of the 21st century. Their latest offering, the Riley, is a retro styled optical frame, boasting some of the best quality materials available. The Riley is a must have for anyone who appreciates good taste and good old fashioned craftsmanship. Whether you want to go the sunglass route, or opt for a pair of prescription glasses, the Riley is sure to impress.

If you’re in the market for a new pair of sunglasses, you should seriously consider the OV 5004 model. Its most notable feature is its three-barrel hinge, ensuring maximum strength and durability. This is not only functional, but also stylish, thanks to a well thought out colour palette. For example, the glasses are made from the finest of materials such as Luxottica’s Cocobolo. They come with a protective case, lens cloth, and a guarantee. So what are you waiting for? Start shopping today!

The best part is, you can shop for the OV 5004 online. Not only will you find the aforementioned model in a number of sizes, but you can browse the range of colours on offer. Of course, you will need to decide which colour to go with, but the choice is yours. You can also choose to have your new glasses engraved with your initials. To get your order started, all you need to do is select your preferred design from the selection below. Alternatively, you can get in touch with the customer service team to discuss your requirements in more detail. Or, if you are looking for something more unique, you can have your glasses etched with the name of a loved one. No matter which option you choose, the end result will be a pair of sunglasses that will look and feel just as good as your favourite pair of designer frames. Whether you want to wear them at work, play, or just hang out at home, the OV 5004 will fit the bill perfectly.