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Which Of The Following Statements Regarding Smooth Muscle Is Correct

Smooth muscle is an involuntary, non-striated tissue found in the body. It is characterized by slow rhythmic contractions and lack of cross-stripes when examined under a microscope. Smooth muscle cells are spindle-shaped and have a single central nucleus. Smooth muscles contract involuntarily and slowly, and line the digestive tract and internal organs. Which of the following statements regarding smooth muscle is correct?

Smooth muscle is present in the walls of hollow organs and other hollow passageways, including the circulatory and urinary systems. It controls the size and shape the iris and lens. It also regulates the contraction of hairs when fear or cold temperatures are applied. These facts are crucial when you study the structure of your muscles. And with that in mind, it is time to learn more about smooth muscle.

Its unique properties make this a fascinating topic for medical research, but the complexity of the physiology and physiology of smooth muscles make it an excellent subject for further research. For instance, restoring endothelial tissue could provide a new way to stimulate revascularization. This knowledge will benefit both patients and health professionals. This is especially true for physicians, who need to understand how the muscle works and how to manipulate it.

Skeletal muscle is attached to the bones and is responsible for overall body mobility. It is the only muscle that can be controlled by conscious thought. It is also made up of thousands of individual fibers (sarcomeres). A sheath of tough connective tissues connects several bundles of muscle fibers together. Smooth muscle fibers, on the other hand, taper at both ends and do not have striations.

Smooth muscle is made up of filaments that are spindle-shaped. They form a sheet of tissue that works in coordination. This tissue is made up of multiple layers, each containing a unique structure. Smooth muscle contracts faster than skeletal muscles because the actin and myosin filaments do not run parallel. Smooth muscle also has filaments that contain calcium and actin which aid it in contracting.

Smooth muscle does not contain the calcium-binding protein, troponin. Smooth muscle contractions are initiated by calcium-regulated phosphorylation myosin. Therefore, there is no calcium-activated troponin system. The growth of smooth muscles is one reason the uterus becomes larger during pregnancy. The enlargement of smooth muscle is an important physiological process in pregnancy and other reproductive situations.

Smooth muscle cannot be controlled by the voluntary. It is also known as involuntary muscles. The contraction of this muscle is triggered by the presence of hormones, neural stimulation from the ANS, and local factors. Smooth muscle can contract either synchronously or spontaneously. The contraction of this muscle is induced by stretching it and triggers a stress-relaxation response. So which of the following statements regarding smooth muscle is correct?