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Lam Research Livermore

Lam Research, Bldg 32 in Livermore, CA is a Semiconductor Tooling Company

Lam Research Corporation is a small manufacturing company located in Livermore, California. It is primarily engaged in the manufacture of electronic components and devices for the semiconductor and electronic industries. The company has been in business for eleven years, and generates revenues of $4.9 million a year. It has one location and employs 30 people. It is one of the smaller manufacturing firms in California, but has the potential to grow into a larger company with the right resources.

Job Description

A Job Description for Lam Research in Livermore, CA will include duties such as preparing technical reports, troubleshooting non-destructive testing, and executing production and maintenance procedures. In addition, a person in this position may also act as the primary trainer of other Technicians. Lam is currently hiring for a Production Test Technician position.


Located in Livermore, California, Lam Research Corp is a semiconductor research company that specializes in semiconductors. The company has been in business for 11 years and has 30 employees. Lam Research, Bldg 32 is a great place to do business if you’re looking to buy or sell semiconductors.

The company employs chemical vapor deposition and electrochemical deposition techniques to create metal films that are used to create various types of semiconductor devices. The company also has proprietary plasma etch technology that removes unwanted materials from the surface of a wafer. These materials can affect the yield and can re-deposit on the device area during subsequent manufacturing steps.


The revenue forecast for the March 2020 quarter is not positive for LAM Research, a semiconductor tooling company located in Livermore, California. The company is not expected to meet its revenue guidance, which is based on current sales. This is because the upstream semiconductor plants that buy the company’s equipment will not be receiving them on time. This is a problem for the company, which has a customer list that includes Intel, Micron, Samsung, and Kioxia.

This is a reversal of the trend from previous quarters. The company’s deferred revenue increased to $2,755 million at the end of September 2022. However, this does not include revenue from shipments made to customers in Japan, which are classified as inventory at cost until they are accepted. On June 26, 2022, Lam had estimated future revenue of $367 million from shipments made to Japan. Lam’s system revenue includes sales of new leading-edge equipment for the deposition, etch, and clean markets.

4.3 star rating

The 4.3 star rating for Lam Research, Bldg 32 can be found at 1 Portola Ave, Livermore, CA 94551. You can find out more about the location and hours of operation by calling (925) 248-4464. You can also read 9 customer reviews for the location.

Equal opportunity employer

Lam Research is proud to be an equal opportunity employer and is committed to diversity and inclusion. We do not discriminate on the basis of protected classes or on the basis of a disability and will not take any action to prevent an applicant or employee from applying for a job based on his or her abilities.